Becoming a
What is a Mini Boss?
It’s the enemy you fight just before the real boss. At least in games. At Carmine it means that you are an emplyee with much more freedom than in most other companies. You get paid based on your current billing rate and you get to pick your own benifits such as how mant days of vacation you want to have, what devices you want to use and so on.

What we do is take care of everything else like helping you find work, administration, and mentoring. Our model is all about transparency and flexibility.
How does it work?
Each consultant gets paid based on their hourly rate. That goes into a pot that each employee can teak as they see fit. Want to put more money into your pension? Get a massage once a week? Have 30 days of vacation? The choice is yours.

Another thing that we think is important is that it is ok to quit. We’ve all had the experience of the stigma that comes with quitting. That is something we want to avoid and instead end on good terms and help our colleagues however we can.
Open positions
Frontend Developer
Look out your window - React to the lovely Vue. Reflect on the great Gatsby and the Svelte trail behind the Meteor in the sky, burning like a vast Ember. Feel your Emotion(s) running high as you reduce and filter today's impressions. Now REST.

Yeah, we want frontend developers.
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iOS Developer
Do you like objetivity and swiftness? Or was it Objective-C and Swift? Either way, we’re looking for someone who’s into some of those.
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UX Designer
Why do users do the things they do? What are they looking for? These are some of the questions that occupy your thoughts. You want to understand, to simplify and to delight users everyday interaction with services and products.
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What we offer
We want to take care of our team mates both when it comes to personal development but also to make sure that we hit a good work-life-balance.
Base salary and bonus
Monthly bonus based on your hourly rate
Private healthcare
Excellent health care and short waiting time
Additional pension
Extra pension on top of the regular pension
Pick your own gear
You decide what devices you want to work on
Pick how many vacation days you want to have
You have your own budget for studies