We are problem solvers
Our vision
Carmine was founded to do two thing and the first is actually not about our clients (even though we love them too!) — it’s about our employees. We want Carmine to be a great place to work at, where the employees can grow professionally and, at the end of the day, be more free. We like to call them mini bosses, they set their own goals and we do what we can to help them achieve them. We believe that this gives us highly motivated employees and that in turn produces great results.

Which leads us to our dear clients. Delivering great products is a team effort and we play different roles in different cases but our focus is always on creating great experiences for our client’s customers.
Meet the team
Nikola Durkan
UX Designer, CEO, Founder
Patrik Nyblad
iOS Developer, Founder
Fredrik Westmark
Web Developer, Founder
Jon Wahlström
Frontend Developer
Team members wanted
We’re looking for new members to join our crew. We value curiosity, co-operation, creativity and problem solving above all other skills.
Available jobs